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Life at Loureiro

Our culture is best defined as one of ownership. More than just co-workers, our employees are partners in the success of our business. A shared sense of responsibility toward common goals and a dedication and passion to serving our clients further defines the culture.

Working at Loureiro is like playing on a team! We have fun, but everyone contributes through their creativity, imagination and collaboration in working together. Our performance driven employees truly make for one of the most outstanding teams of professionals in the industry today.

Loureiro also strives to provide competitive employee benefits. Our range of employee services, retirement, health and other benefit plans are designed to help eligible employees make the best decisions for themselves, their family, and their lifestyle. Loureiro offers programs to help our eligible employees gain more value from their healthcare benefits. To this end, Loureiro has further committed to improve the health of our employees and their families with an onsite fitness center and by delivering various other online and onsite programs, education, tools and services.