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Why Loureiro

While the firm has grown since our founding in 1975, our reputation has remained true to the original principles of providing the highest level of service and personal attention, meeting schedule and budgetary commitments, and partnering with our customers in order to understand their goals and to meet their objectives.

Underpinning these principles is a clear set of core values that further define who we are. Our people make the difference and as employee-owners, every employee has a direct stake in the Company’s success. This is not just simply about increasing the value of the Company, but in how we relate to one another and how we work together to share ideas for improvement.

Through our efforts, we have forged what we believe to be clearly distinct advantages we provide to the market:


Loureiro offers the most complete set of competencies that, combined with our knowledge and experience, allows us to provide more thorough solutions. Our capabilities span across all the requisite areas including engineering, construction, environmental health & safety, energy and waste. That means we can perform your entire project and you have only one vendor to manage -- Loureiro.


Loureiro embodies a culture of taking full ownership - we always have. Often acting as an advisor, we have a passion for customer success that is driven by each and every employee-owner. We’ve got the right connections to keep projects moving along. And, with the long term relationship in mind, we’re always there when you need us, no matter when or where.

Done Right

All of our projects are done right the first time, every time, on-time and complete, with no surprises starting right from the proposal. That’s because we have a proactive approach to finding hidden problems and anticipating what needs to be done about it. Many of us have been in our customers' shoes before and have greater insight to the real needs. That means you’ll always get the best results, greater long term value and the lowest possible risk.