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Route 151 Emergency Bridge Replacement

East Haddam, Connecticut

Services: Bridge, Remediation, Demolition, Concrete, Structural Engineering
Clients Served: Government

Loureiro was awarded the contract for this bridge reconstruction project after the Connecticut Department of Transportation issued an emergency declaration and closed the bridge to all traffic because of the condition of the structure. The DOT advertised this bridge reconstruction as a Design/Build in 2009 – one of the first ever advertised this way – as they needed a very fast-track design/build process.

A cast-in-place concrete strip footing on micropiles to support the arch and wingwalls was called for in the DOT bid documents. Founding the structure on rock, a design change advanced by LEA, eliminated the need for micropiles – a design choice that helped expedite the construction schedule. The site had contaminated soils that required off-site disposal, as well as the disposal and/or treatment of contaminated groundwater removed for the work. Loureiro’s environmental expertise allowed all the attendant environmental concerns to be handled entirely in-house. This environmental component was a key, integral portion of the project and ensured conformance with the very aggressive schedule.


  • Fast-track design of the structure, foundation, wingwalls, and barrier walls
  • PCB contaminated soil remediation
  • Treatment of contaminated dewatering wastewaters
  • Temporary relocation of the stream in steel culvert
  • Three sided precast concrete arch system on a strip footing
  • Fast-track construction during extreme weather conditions