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Sport and Medical Sciences Academy

Hartford, Connecticut

Services: Demolition, Site Development, Underground Utilities, Remediation, Concrete Construction
Clients Served: Government

Loureiro was the demolition trade contractor for existing structures prior to the construction of the news 195,000 sq. ft Sport and Medical Sciences Academy in Hartford, CT. The demolition scope of work included six different buildings totaling 62,000 sq. ft. It also included a billboard sign, supports and foundation, a large concrete ramp structure for a concrete batch plant and various other site items such as concrete walls, slabs, tanks and cradles, bituminous pavement, wood poles and other miscellaneous debris.


  • Extremely fast track project with numerous aggressive milestone dates. Loureiro not only met all the milestones but was early on all of them.
  • Demolition work varied from one-story wood frame buildings with brick veneer, to a three-story masonry building, to a prefabricated metal building with CMU masonry.
  • The majority of the concrete foundations and slabs from the demolition work were crushed and reused as on-site fill material.