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Allendale Pond Dam Replacement

North Providence, Rhode Island

Services: General Contracting, Remediation, Demolition 
Clients Served: Industrial

Loureiro was retained by the Centredale Manor Restoration Project Superfund Site Performing Parties Group to prepare an Implementation Work Plan (IWP) for replacement of the breached Allendale Pond dam. This plan included the replacement of the dam and the removal of disturbed soil and sediment containing dioxin in excess of 1 ppb. As part of this plan, Loureiro prepared the following documents: (i) site-specific health and safety plan; (ii) emergency contingency plan; (iii) field sampling plan; (iv) construction quality control plan; (v) dam basis of design report; and (vi) dam construction plans and specifications. The IWP was reviewed and approved by the USEPA, USACE, and RIDEM.

In accordance with IWP, Loureiro removed the remnants of the breached Allendale Dam and constructed the new cast-in-place concrete dam. The new dam is anchored to the underlying bedrock surface and includes a toe drain and spill apron.


  • pre-construction photographic and topographic surveys
  • erosion and sedimentation control
  • clearing and grubbing
  • refurbishing the existing sluice gate and stop log system
  • installing access roads
  • installing temporary cofferdams
  • demolishing and removing the existing wooden dam structure
  • dewatering activities
  • soil and sediment excavation and off-site disposal of dioxin contaminated soil
  • preparation of an operation and maintenance manual for the dam and sluice gate structure