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Baltic Heights Roadway Improvements

Sprague, Connecticut

Services: Heavy & Highway, Structural Engineering
Clients Served: Government

The Baltic Heights Roadway is a 600 foot long dead end road in a residential neighborhood. It was originally constructed on a hillside utilizing a masonry retaining wall to support the roadway. Over a number of years, the masonry wall had deteriorated and the project design proposed that it be replaced with a cast in place concrete retaining wall. Once awarded the project, Loureiro proposed a cost saving design alternative utilizing a precast concrete modular block retaining wall to the Town of Sprague. The alternative design met all the goals of the original design and provided some important additional benefits including much improved aesthetics, speed of installation and cost savings.

The proposed alternative design was accepted by the Town and the modular concrete block retaining wall was constructed as proposed by Loureiro with minimal disruption to the local residents. The alternative shaved over a month off of the project schedule and saved the Town nearly $100,000.


  • Designed the modular retaining wall to function as well as the proposed cast-in-place concrete retaining wall, including the guardrail system for traffic protection
  • Devised an innovative construction method which allowed completion of the wall to full height as the work progressed from one end to the other
  • Construction method allowed the work to be performed in a linear manner versus a vertical manner resulting in a single lane reduction during active work periods only
  • Roadway restored to full width condition during the over night periods, resulting in less disruption to residents and greater access for life safety
  • The precast concrete modular block retaining wall has the appearance of a quarried stone wall with deep set mortar joints as opposed to the smooth concrete surface specified, significantly improving aesthetics