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Rose Hill Regional Landfill Superfund Site Closure

South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Services: Heavy & Highway, Underground Utilities, Demolition
Clients Served: Government

The 70-acre Rose Hill Regional Landfill Superfund site is located in an abandoned sand and gravel quarry, which was used as a municipal landfill from 1967 to 1983. In additional to municipal solid waste, industrial wastes from local industries were disposed of at the site. Disposal of those wastes led to contamination of groundwater, surface water, and air in and around the site. Loureiro was awarded a multi-million dollar contract to consolidate over 100,000 cubic yards of waste and soil and to shape the 70 acre landform for final cover. The work was performed under the direction of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management.


  • Designed and installed a three step odor control system including an alternative daily cover to neutralize odor, a direct contact odor neutralizing agent and a perimeter fog curtain
  • Consolidated over 100,000 cubic yards of waste and contaminated soil
  • Installed and maintained soil and sediment erosion controls
  • Demolished an onsite building
  • Reinstalled a washed out culvert at the Mitchell Brook
  • Relocated a six-inch water line to the transfer station
  • Restored the transfer station road
  • Reshaped the landform in preparation for final cover