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On-Site Thermal Soil Treatment

Branford, Connecticut

Services: Remediation
Clients Served: Industrial

During investigation of a former hazardous waste storage area, Loureiro discovered acetone contamination that required remediation. Combining the forces of engineering and construction, we were able to rapidly evaluate several remedial alternatives and on-site thermal treatment was selected due to it being fast, cost-effective and environmentally conscious. Loureiro was retained as a design/build contractor to implement the remedy.

Loureiro excavated and stockpiled over 700 cubic yards of acetone-contaminated soil. A State of Connecticut-permitted portable treatment unit was brought on-site. Soil and quicklime were combined and homogenized in a rotary pug mill. The quicklime was hydrated and the mixture was placed in a stockpile to cure for at least 24 hours. The soil pile was periodically mixed to redistribute heat energy and facilitate the evaporation of soil moisture and acetone.

After the soil had cured, Loureiro verified by sampling that the remediation goals had been met. The excavation was then backfilled with the treated soil. The onsite treatment approach enabled a rapid remediation and eliminated the expense associated with offsite disposal.


  • Design/build project delivery
  • Rapid feasibility assessment and remedy selection
  • On-site thermal treatment
  • Minimal disturbance to ongoing operations
  • Relocation of power and drainage systems
  • Site restoration as parking and landscape