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Burton Family Football Complex & Mark R. Shenkman Training Center

University of Connecticut, Storrs Campus

Services: Site Development, Underground Utilities
Clients Served: Education/Healthcare

Loureiro was selected as the site contractor for this project. The project offered many challenges including working around UCONN’s intense athletic and academic schedules, summer camp schedules and the routine vehicle and foot traffic associated with on-campus life. Loureiro was proud to assist in developing this tremendous milestone for the UCONN’s athletic program and their recreational services at a time when the program continued to make national strides and entered the Big East Football Conference.

The facility serves as the on-campus home of UConn football, and complements Rentschler Field in East Hartford. The complex houses coaches' offices and includes strength and conditioning facilities, athletic training and sports medicine facilities, locker rooms, team meeting rooms, video facilities, and academic resource areas for the Counseling Program for Inter-collegiate Athletes. The Training Center includes a 120-yard multi-purpose artificial turf field, and also functions as a year-round indoor athletic practice and training venue. The cost of the project was approximately $40 million for the two facilities, which total nearly 165,000 square feet.


  • Relocation of former tennis courts
  • Relocation of underground utilities
  • Excavation and replacement of unsuitable fill
  • Excavation and backfill for building foundation
  • Removal of approximately 100,000 yards of surplus material
  • Final site grading and restoration
  • Installation of rain garden, retention basin, sidewalks, and final paving