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International Regulatory Compliance Auditing

Various Sites in North America

Services: EH&S Compliance Auditing
Clients Served: Industrial

Loureiro was engaged to perform regulatory compliance audits in both the United States and Mexico for a large industrial client. The project was awarded based on Loureiro’s ability to effectively conduct these audits in a multitude of jurisdictions, at a very competitive cost.

Loureiro sent a team of two seasoned auditors, one with a comprehensive knowledge of local, state and federal health and safety regulations, and the other with similar knowledge in the environmental field, to identify deficiencies and compliance gaps. Their approach was not only to uncover potential regulatory violations, but also to ensure that their local contacts understood why their finding represented a disparity with the law. Auditors used for the sites in Mexico were fluent in the local language and had extensive regulatory experience in local and federal EH&S regulations.

Since Loureiro always ties its assessments to business success, not just EH&S success, opportunities for business process improvement are always a product of our audits. For this client, the auditors provided local plant management with suggestions on how to save time and money by operating their processes differently and thereby avoiding onerous regulatory requirements or expensive disposal fees.


  • Helped local plant management meet corporate compliance auditing requirements
  • Provided education on a variety of EH&S compliance nuances
  • Discovered significant potential regulatory violations at facilities throughout the US and Mexico
  • Left audited facilities with holistic improvement opportunities