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Compliance Assurance Auditing and Solution Creation

Various US and International Sites

Services: EH&S Compliance Auditing
Clients Served: Industrial

Loureiro is conducting multiple environmental, health and safety (EH&S) compliance audits at both domestic and international sites for a leading manufacturing company. The audits will determine compliance for all applicable state, local, provincial, and country laws, policies, and regulations, including site-specific EH&S permit requirements.

The environmental audit components include solid and hazardous waste management/disposal, wastewater generation and discharge, stormwater, aboveground and underground storage tank storage and air pollution sources and emissions. To ensure health and safety compliance, Loureiro is auditing personal protective equipment, machine guarding, confined spaces, control of hazardous energy (lock out tag out), electrical safety, walking/working surfaces, fall protection, storage of flammables/combustibles, emergency planning, hoisting and rigging (cranes and slings), noise/hearing conservation, powered industrial trucks, ventilation, welding/cutting/brazing, and hand and portable tools and other hand-held equipment.

Upon audit completion, Loureiro is conducting Kaizen events to assist the plant in correcting any shortcomings on the spot. This process has proved to be an extremely beneficial approach to engage the right employees in sustainable solutions.


  • Loureiro is validating multi-media EH&S regulatory compliance worldwide.
  • Loureiro is working directly with site EH&S staff to help them understand and apply regulatory requirements and solutions.
  • Upon audit completion, Loureiro is facilitating Kaizen events that engage site staff in the creation of immediate and sustainable solutions.