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Customized EH&S Compliance Process

Northeast US

Services: Health & Saftey Consulting
Clients Served: Industrial

Loureiro was engaged to create customized EH&S checklists for a major industrial corporation. The project arose upon a request from one of the management team who was having some difficulty with Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) inspections.

Loureiro’s solution was to create a process by which the site could define and visually depict the correct (compliant) method to control specific EH&S risks. Loureiro also assisted the client in defining the best control measures for each specific instance, and documented these in a visual protocol to be used by the management team in its weekly audits.

This process allowed the management team to make quick decisions regarding the conformance of risk controls by looking at the visual and reading the attributes in the protocol. This process enabled them to make quick and accurate decisions about whether the condition observed was compliant or non-compliant. Ultimately, Loureiro’s solution helped make a previously difficult process simple and straightforward.


  • Assisted company with identification of the correct visual condition
  • Creation of visual “right” and “wrong” for each situation
  • Prioritized by compliance risk and regulatory significance
  • Designed for ease of use by non-technical staff
  • 30 customized, visual self-inspection protocols created