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Emergency Preparedness & Response - CBRE

Washington D.C.

Services: Emergency Preparedness and Response and Training
Clients Served: Confidential

In the heightened-security climate of our post-9/11 society, Loureiro’s experts have been instrumental in developing emergency preparedness and response training programs. In particular, one large multi-national facility in Washington, D.C. has developed an all-hazards Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Explosive (CBRE) response team with over 150 members and access to $2.5 million worth of preparedness and response equipment. Loureiro’s training and emergency preparedness expertise has been a vital part of the facility’s ongoing program.

As a result, the capabilities and qualifications of this organization to respond to, identify, and mitigate most CBRE hazards meet or exceed that of local support agencies. These successful preparedness and response efforts have potentially resulted in the savings of many lives, millions of dollars, and possible environmental impacts.


  • Assisted the organization with the identification, selection and acquisition of hazard-specific monitoring, detection, and protective equipment
  • Developed and delivered CBRE-specific response training programs to over 150 responders
  • Developed and managed function-specific response team member qualification standards
  • Developed site and hazard-specific response plans and quick response guidance
  • Facilitated multi-agency response drills and tabletops