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Emergency Response Training - Real Life Scenarios


Services: Emergency Planning & Response
Client Served: International aerospace and defense company

For several years Loureiro has been providing emergency response training programs for the client’s emergency response team and emergency coordination and control organization. Loureiro's training prepares clients for a variety of situations and provides planning and response effectiveness evaluations through tabletop exercises, tactical scenarios and multi-agency scenarios including post-incident analysis facilitation.

One training class was faced with a situation where a number of the client’s sites were targeted by an unidentified assailant sending threats of biological warfare agent contamination. The threats required the client’s trained emergency responders to coordinate with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

On another occasion Loureiro recommended a unique explosive agent trace detection technology for use by the client’s emergency responders. This technology was so well received by the client that they shared it with their state’s explosives response team. The explosives response team then implemented the technology throughout the entire organization.


  • Emergency responders trained by Loureiro were praised by the FBI for their ability to control the scene and mitigate the emergency efficiently and effectively.
  • The trained emergency responders’ communication was so effective that they were able to stabilize the incident without any risk to client employees and minimal interruption to business operations.
  • Loureiro recommended revolutionary technology for use by the client’s emergency responders.