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Wastewater Management Evaluation & Design

Berlin, Connecticut

Services: Environmental Compliance & Permitting
Client Served: Industrial

Many of the industrial facilities we support are branching out into new areas of manufacturing and are adding various industrial processes to their manufacturing arsenal. Our client developed a highly automated electro-polishing metal finishing process which was expected to generate two specific waste streams. One was a concentrated acid solution with a high concentration of TCLP Chrome. The second was a dilute acid solution with a low concentration of TCLP Chrome. Their challenge was to identify how to manage and dispose of these specific waste streams with taking into consideration specific variable including, but not limited to; capital cost, operating cost, regulatory burden and risk, and sustainability. Loureiro’s environmental compliance and permitting expertise was vital to beating this challenge.

As a result, the client was able to evaluate many different options for the management and disposal of the generated waste streams. For each option, they were able to understand the specific variables which resulted in the selection of a cost effective, regulatory compliant and sustainable solution. These successful environmental compliance and permitting efforts have allowed our client to introduce new and profitable processes into their operations and to focus on what they do best, make and sell product.


  • Completed a thorough evaluation of the specific generated waste streams to identify generation rates and hazard characteristics
  • Identified four unique and compliance management and disposal options for the generated waste streams including two forms of treatment resulting in generated waste streams discharge to sanitary sewer, one form of process modification resulting in the reduction and reuse of generated waste streams, and one form of collection and containment of generated waste streams for off-site shipment and disposal
  • Client also decided to select Loureiro for the design, purchase and install of the selected management method
  • Loureiro is also developing all required environmental programs, plans, procedures, etc. for the selected management option
  • True turnkey services reflecting Loureiro diverse capabilities