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Environmental Compliance and Permitting

Chester County, Pennsylvania

Services: Environmental Compliance and Permitting
Clients Served: Industrial

During mergers and acquisitions, facilities can be stymied by the magnitude and pace of changes in compliance management systems during an integration process. In the case of an aerospace manufacturing facility, they turned to the Loureiro experts to provide a thorough and objective review of their environmental compliance programs followed by development and implementation of improvements.

Loureiro became a trusted team member in developing and aligning their environmental compliance programs with corporate objectives. Our vision was to not only establish a compliant program, but to implement processes that facilitated efficient and effective continuing compliance. Loureiro continues to provide routine assistance as the facility changes to facilitate growth with a wide range of services including periodic auditing, emissions tracking, management of change reviews, various compliance plan updates, hazardous waste management and reporting, and underground/aboveground storage tank compliance.


  • Performed a thorough review of all air emission sources and prepared an air inventory for continuing compliance to track VOC emissions for spray application of performance coatings.
  • Established a coating management system to review the compliance status of new coatings prior to their introduction to production.
  • Prepared and implemented a waste compliance program that integrated hazardous and non-hazardous waste stream characterization, waste segregation and storage procedures, waste handling procedures, and employee training.
  • Prepared an Integrated Contingency Plan that met the requirements of various regulatory programs including RCRA Contingency Planning, SPCC, SWPPP, and OSHA Emergency Action Plan Regulations.