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Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, Hazardous Waste Determinations

Multiple Locations Nationwide

Services: Environmental Consulting & Permitting
Clients Served: Industrial

Loureiro provides annual compliance services to properly document hazardous waste determinations for process waste streams generated at multiple Sikorsky facilities in accordance with federal and applicable state regulations, as well as corporate requirements. In order to perform the hazardous waste determinations, Loureiro arranges for the collection and targeted analysis of waste samples. In addition, Loureiro conducts interviews with personnel at each facility in order to fully understand the processes generating the wastes. The hazardous waste determination project has been performed for fifteen facilities in five states.

On an annual basis Loureiro develops and implements individualized sampling and analysis plans for each Sikorsky facility in order to properly characterize approximately 300 waste streams. The waste characterization effort includes the sampling and interpretation of analytical results for thousands of waste samples, conducting hundreds of interviews, and incorporating the regulatory requirements of multiple states.


  • Incorporation of requirements for multiple regulatory programs
  • Development and implementation of individualized sampling and analysis plans
  • Preparation of regulatory required documentation