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Fatality Prevention Assessments

World-wide Operations

Services: Health & Safety Consulting
Client Served: Industrial

A very large multinational steel-making/mining corporation contacted Loureiro through our reputation with other World Steel Association members. The corporation had great success lowering its injury rate over the past five years and was concerned that their fatalities were not decreasing at the same rate. Loureiro presented our approach to their executive team and they allowed us to conduct a pilot Fatality Prevention Assessment at one of their US-based tube manufacturing facilities. The assessment resulted in a series of findings that outlined the plants fatality potential as well as operational and organizational improvement opportunities. The corporation was so impressed with the results presented by Loureiro that it is planning to apply these assessment techniques and recommendations world-wide.


  • Implemented a week-long Fatality Prevention Assessment with a team of three highly experienced professionals.
  • As part of the assessment the team reviewed safety programs and data, conducted floor-level assessments and interviewed 117 employees from the plant management to operations staff.
  • The assessment resulted in a series of fatality situation and precursors findings that employees and management walked by every day.
  • Many of the findings had their root in operational and organizational factors that once addressed could result in added business value.
  • These findings were formally presented to the plant management team and the world-wide executive committee.
  • Many members of the plant management team and the executive committee commented that, “You gave us a different way to look at our facilities. We were walking right by these fatality issues, we won’t anymore.”