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Machine Guarding Services

New England

Services: Health & Safety Consulting
Client Served: Education/Healthcare

Based on previous extensive machine guarding work with a large aerospace corporation, Loureiro was contacted by this institution following a serious incident involving an industrial machine. Our expertise was needed to educate the EH&S staff on machinery risk assessment, as well as to help develop standards for guarding. Training classes were developed and provided; many unique pieces of equipment were evaluated for hazards; recommendations were made for reducing risk, and relevant consensus standards were provided.

Ultimately, a new internal standard was created for various categories of machines, both from an administrative and engineering controls standpoint. Working with machine owners and users, practical and effective guarding and controls were provided to reduce the risk associated with the use of fixed, powered machine tools.


  • Conducted machine guarding risk assessment training for EH&S staff and others
  • Worked on machine categorization table
  • Evaluated “hard-to-guard” machines
  • Reviewed machine guarding “rules” and requirements documents
  • Met with machine guarding committee to strategize rollout of initiatives
  • Acted as a sounding board for in-house leaders