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OSHA Enforcement Assistance


Services: OSHA Shadowing and Post-Citation Support
Clients Served: Small and Medium Sized Manufacturing Companies

Loureiro was contacted by various small and medium sized companies over the past 4 years to respond to unannounced OSHA inspections and serious OSHA citations. Many of the companies had never experienced an OSHA inspection and did not know how to properly respond to the situation. When they called us, from their perspective, it was an emergency! And we responded likewise.

Loureiro immediately provided a senior staff member with over 20 years of experience as an inspector/investigator with Federal OSHA. Our staff shadowed and took photos during the actual inspection, advised our clients during informal conferences and negotiated to reduce citations and fines. Our timely response, first-hand expertise and coaching was exactly what these clients wanted at their time of need.


  • Our staff knows how the OSHA inspectors think and what their “marching orders” are.
  • We were able to reduce serious citations to lesser citations or eliminate them entirely
  • Our staff saving companies over $100,000 in citations over the past few years.
  • Many citations were not actually “citable” they way they were documented and through our advisement were ultimately revoked.