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Aerospace Company Noise Abatement


Services: Health & Safety Consulting
Clients Served: Industrial

Loureiro, along with its partner, Tamer Industries, was selected to completely overhaul the enclosure of a very loud water jet cutter. As part of the contract, the client required that a specific noise level be attained.

Octave band (noise frequency) readings were taken at various locations around the unit so that comparisons could be made. From these readings a design was created. With the existing shell kept in place, extensive enhancements were completed, including relining the enclosure, providing completely new access doors, and sealing up all gaps in the structure.

Loureiro/Tamer met and/or exceeded all of the requirements for this project. Based on these results, another water jet and numerous other significant noise reduction projects were subsequently awarded to Loureiro.


  • Very loud (>112 dBA) water jet cutting process required specific noise reduction
  • Noise exposure to operator was over 95 dBA
  • Noise to be reduced to <80 dBA on three sides and <75 dBA at operator station
  • Shell of existing enclosure was to remain
  • All requirements were met