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Risk Management Consulting

World-wide (300 sites)

Services: Functional Hazard & Risk Assessment Process
Client Served: Confidential

Loureiro developed a Functional Hazard and Risk Assessment process for the Corporation based on its need to identify and prioritize catastrophic risk not captured by its occupational risk assessment processes. Loureiro worked within the Corporations existing quality and product safety risk assessment techniques to create a hybrid approach that focused primarily on catastrophic hazards through a “failure to function” risk prioritization approach. Loureiro provided training to EH&S and Engineering staff throughout the Corporation and facilitated assessments of high hazard processes such as flammable gases and liquids, corrosives and refrigerants.


  • Trained over 70 EH&S and Engineering staff.
  • Facilitated 40 assessments in various plants throughout the US.
  • Identified numerous catastrophic risks with no control and/or single point failure modes.