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Root Cause Analysis Program & Training

Various Sites in North America

Services: Management Systems Consulting
Clients Served: Industrial

Loureiro was asked to support a clients need to improve its incident root cause analysis process following from a management systems audit finding and general frustration amongst the management team. Loureiro staff performed a gap analysis of the entire causal analysis process resulting in the need to re-build the entire program. The goal of the “re-build” was to provide an approach that could be used at all levels of the company to identify causal factors that had their root in business practices and culture not just in environment, health and safety management systems.

Loureiro created an entirely new program, tools training and coaching process that empowered employees at all levels and functions to team together as an “expert group” to respond and analyze events. The goal of the team was to identify causes that have a positive business value impact, not just EH&S risk reduction.


  • The program was developed and deployed at 35 sites in North America.
  • Training was provided to approximately 200 employees on the practical use of the analysis tools and techniques.
  • Trainees were “certified” as expert team responders to unable supervisors to access an experienced group of coaches any time they had a need.
  • The results of this approach most often yielded cost savings and business process improvement, were the previous approach typically yielded frustration, fear and EH&S expenditures.