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Small Manufacturing Facility EH&S Partnering


Services: On-site Professional Resource Support
Clients Served: Industrial

Loureiro developed a partnering relationship with a small industrial facility as a result of an OSHA inspection and enforcement action. We met with the staff of this facility following their response to OSHA which described abatements made by the facility to mitigate safety risk. The facility management was concerned that their response and abatements may not completely resolve their regulatory issues. Loureiro conducted an assessment and determined that additional opportunities existed to mitigate risk. As a result of our assessment, the facility realized that they needed additional support for managing the implementation of their OSHA programs. They decided to expanded our involvement to periodic on-site support of their EH&S regulatory obligations.


  • EH&S Manager needed support to maintain compliance and resolve historical regulatory violations
  • We started by determining the site’s EH&S priories thorough a risk/compliance assessment.
  • Loureiro provided a staffing solution for onsite support and EH&S risk assessment.
  • The partnering relationship provided access to Loureiro’s full network of EH&S processional to support.
  • We assisted the site in cost-effectively and efficiently resolving Federal safety enforcement and Federal and state environmental actions.