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Environmental Chemistry Class Development and Presentation

State of Connecticut

Services: EH&S Training
Client Served: Industrial

A major aerospace company wanted to supplement the knowledge of their EH&S professional staff beyond the requirements of the regulatory programs applicable with the facility. While proficient in the requirements of their regulatory programs, the company determined that the EH&S staff would benefit in learning more about the types of chemicals on-site, the behaviors of the chemicals used and interpreting information available regarding the chemicals.

Loureiro was asked to develop and present an environmental chemistry class for the EH&S staff. Loureiro developed a two-day environmental chemistry class with instruction in chemical types, groups and behaviors; interpretation of chemical information and data (including material safety data sheets and laboratory analytical reports); chemical applicability to various environmental programs, such as RCRA, CERCLA, CAA, CWA, and TSCA; and the use of chemical in the treatment of air emissions, hazardous waste, process wastewater, and environmental media at the site. The classes also included workshops to provide real-life applicability to the information presented.


  • Provide information to EH&S staff to better understand the role of chemistry in their jobs.
  • The information provided was tailored to the specific operations performed at the facility.
  • Workshops were included in the class to reinforce the classroom materials presented.