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RCRA Hazardous Waste Web-Based Training

North America

Services: EH&S Training
Client Served: Industrial

A major aerospace company needed an effective way to provide annual RCRA hazardous waste training, including more stringent corporate requirements, to a significant number of employees that have varying hazardous waste responsibilities. Due to the number of individuals that required training, it was difficult to target job-specific training in a group setting while maintaining a sufficient number of employees on the shop floor to ensure production could continue smoothly. Loureiro was requested to prepare a RCRA hazardous waste training program to balance the needs of the client to maintain sufficient production while still meeting their regulatory training obligations.

While many RCRA training programs take an all-inclusive approach (i.e., all employees trained in all topics) requiring up to 8 hours or more for each employee, Loureiro developed an online training program consisting of modules for each hazardous waste training requirement. By providing the information in modules, the client can specify the individual training topics for each employee based on his/her hazardous waste responsibilities. The employee is also required to correctly answer questions included in each module to ensure that he/she understands the training concepts before continuing or completing the training module. By providing the training online, the employees and their supervisors can schedule training at times both amenable to production schedules and convenient to the employee.


  • Providing online training makes scheduling convenient for the company and the employee.
  • Training can be targeted to employee based on their hazardous waste responsibilities.
  • Employees are not required to sit through training in topics that are not applicable to their roles.