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Know Toxics Train-The-Trainer & Outreach


Services: EH&S Training
Client Served: Industrial, Government, Real Estate Development, Architects, Education/Healthcare

The Northern Virginia Regional Commissions (NVRC), which is an organization responsible for providing outreach support to various municipalities in northern Virginia, was looking to provide outreach to promote environmentally sustainable management of various solid waste streams including Universal Waste Lamps, Universal Waste Batteries, and Used Electronics. Loureiro was introduced to the NVRC by the Arlington County Water Pollution Board to assist with a specific request for the development and delivery of outreach training to support the needs of the NVRC.

The initial phase of the project was to develop an Outreach Train-The-Trainer Program to include an Instructor’s Guide & Presentation, a Participant Manual, and various practical activities specific to heighten awareness pertaining to the hazards associated with the media of concern. The finalized curriculum was reviewed by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VADEQ) to verify adherence to applicable solid waste regulations. As part of Loureiro’s support, we also helped to identify the population who would likely be affected by the rules for managing the specific media of concern. Throughout support, we have completed three Outreach Train-The-Trainer Programs with over 200 attendees in total. Attendees have included dozens of municipalities within Virginia including Washington, DC, Property Management Firms, Facilities Support Services, Industrial Facilities, the VADEQ, and a number of educational facilities in the region.

The effect of the completed outreach training has resulted in behavioral changes which has created an increased knowledge of the applicable regulations and a recognized and measurable increase in the proper management of the affected media. Our goals moving forward are to add media to the Outreach specific to household hazardous waste, Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators of Hazardous Waste, and various applicable solid wastes.


Upon completion of our last Outreach Train-The-Trainer, we received a letter from Mark Gibb, Executive Director of the Northern Virginia Regional Commission which states:

“I wanted to thank you for the outstanding training you presented on March 19 in Fairfax, Virginia. Your energy and knowledge have contributed to the Know Toxics program’s success. We received a much larger contingent of trainees than planned, with a range of staffing levels from program leads to machine shop operators. You engaged them all, and participants, unanimously reviewed the program as educational and enjoyable. In addition, all plan to change their behaviors and programs to make universal waste management safer for themselves and employees.

You and LEA have been invaluable in developing our training and outreach program materials as well. The company’s responsiveness and professionalism have been outstanding.

We look forward to a continued partnership with LEA and you on this program as NVRC moves forward on this project.”