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Dangerous Goods Transportation Compliance


Services: Transportation Compliance Consulting & Services
Clients Served: Industrial

A multinational aerospace manufacturing corporation recognized that it needed technical support in the determination of regulatory and standard applicability for a product that it regularly transports worldwide. The company requested that Loureiro conduct a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the applicability of their product to the recently revised Aquatic Toxicity determinations. The Company manufactures goods that would be considered as a Dangerous Goods when transported internationally.


  • Identified appropriate standard and regulatory (e.g., UN, ICAO, IATA and Country-based) applicability for the Company’s materials.
  • Determined applicability of their products to the Miscellaneous category of Dangerous Goods.
  • Loureiro created three options to determine the substances’ applicability to the various definitions of aquatic toxicity. The options were; 1. Comparative Analysis; 2. Quantitative Math Modeling; and 3. Quantitative Testing and Analysis.
  • Loureiro assisted the company in completing all three options.
  • Loureiro provided the company with a written opinion of applicability and performance with the standards that allowed the corporation to fulfill its supply chain expectations in a compliant and efficient manner.