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International Regulatory Compliance


Services: Dangerous Goods Transportation Compliance
Clients Served: Multinational Corporation

Loureiro was contacted when one of our clients received a hazardous material from one its suppliers in Europe. The Company planned on doing engineering modification and then freight forwarding the product to its other facilities. The Company did not have a transportation management protocol in place or in-house expertise in hazardous materials transportation compliance. The transportation of these articles was critical to the support of the supply chain and completion of the finished product. At the point that Loureiro was called, the Company had not been to ship these materials.


  • Identified appropriate Federal DOT regulatory applicability for the Company’s materials.
  • Loureiro identified that the reworked product required a special permit.
  • Loureiro used the supplier’s data and translated it into U.S. standards for the non-reworked product.
  • The reengineered article required that Loureiro find an approved testing facility to determine classification and shipping requirements.