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Hillsborough, New Hampshire

Hillsboro Town Solar, LLC and the Town of Hillsborough

Services: Alternative Energy
Clients Served: Industrial and Municipal

The residents of Hillsborough, New Hampshire are embracing solar energy as an alternative to power their municipal buildings. Hillsborough citizens voted to support the solar program that will reduce expenses (pursuant to New Hampshire Senate Bill 98, Group Net Metering) and utilize otherwise burdensome land for years to come.

The Town’s closed and capped 16-acre landfill provides an ideal location for the proposed Community Solar Garden, where more than 2000 solar panels are planned to be installed on top of the landfill and will generate energy for the community of Hillsborough.

Loureiro was instrumental in leading Town Leaders and Hillsboro Town Solar with this initiative. Loureiro engineers prepared existing conditions drawings and performed calculations to assess the impact the solar arrays would have on the capping system. Civil and structural engineering services supported the preparation and submittal of a Type I-B Modification to a Waste Management Facility Permit request to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Service, (NHDES). The application was consequently approved for the installation of the solar arrays making it the first landfill in the Granite State to receive a permit to construct solar arrays on top of a landfill.

Once construction begins, Loureiro will perform daily engineering oversight of the installation.


  • 861 kW community solar garden on top of the Hillsborough Landfill
  • Installation of 2000 solar panels
  • First landfill in Granite State to construct solar arrays
  • Greyfield land serves new purpose and benefits the community for years to come