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New England Plating and Jewelry Client

Loureiro performed an Assessment of Energy Reduction Opportunities (AERO) for a New England plating company, including review of its energy use systems, including lighting, HVAC, compressed air, motors, and boiler systems.

As a result of the project, over $61,000 in annual savings was identified requiring only a one time investment of $35,000. These savings represented a 19% total reduction in site energy expenditures.

As a result of this success, Loureiro was then hired to perform the same sort of service geared toward waste and water reduction. This time, Loureiro identified over $60,000 per year in water and waste minimization savings, this time with only $26,000 in one-time expense.

Highlights – the two projects combined:

  • Over $120,000 per year savings for one time spend of $61,000
  • Savings of $60,000 per year could be achieved by spending less than $20,000.
  • Savings represent 19% of the sites energy cost, and 22% reduction in site water usage.