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AERO - Chemtura Corp


Services: Assessing Energy Reduction Opportunities
Clients Served: Industrial

Chemtura Corporation is a world leader in specialty chemicals with over thirty manufacturing sites worldwide. As with most manufacturing entities, energy use is a significant part of the manufacturing cost. Loureiro was engaged by Chemtura to identify and quantify energy reduction opportunities that could provide a simple payback of two years or less.

Louriero deployed a proven process allowing for the critical evaluation of the site’s energy and utility use systems. In the end, Loureiro uncovered 15 opportunities with an average overall payback of less than six months.

During the course of the evaluation, Loureiro also identified exactly where and how proper employee energy behaviors or actions could even further reduce energy use. This Behavioral Energy Change is under consideration as a second phase of this work, and could possibly save another 5-10% of the site’s utility budget.


  • Identified and quantified over $500,000/yr in energy savings, with overall simple payback less than 6 months
  • Over $250,000/yr savings possible with near-immediate payback
  • 16% overall utility reduction possible from identified items