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Manufacturing Facility Greater Hartford, Connecticut

Loureiro performed an Energy Use Assessment (EUA) for a major manufacturing facility located in Greater Hartford, Connecticut. Evaluation of energy use systems, including lighting, HVAC, compressed air, boiler/steam systems and motors and machinery resulted in significant savings.

Working closely with the facility site team, Loureiro applied lean thinking principles to conduct a combined concurrent energy audit and treasure hunt.  By employing this combined process, Loureiro was able to identify and quantify numerous energy reduction opportunities while simultaneously training the site team on how to conduct these energy saving practices on their own.

As a result of the EUA, Loureiro identified 29 opportunities that would produce a 12% reduction in energy costs while having less than half a year simple payback for all items combined (after incentives).  From an annual cost savings perspective, the implementation of the energy reduction opportunities would result in a savings of $200,000/year.  Almost $100,000 of this annual savings would have a simple payback of less than two (2) months after incentives.  Additionally, $14,000 in annual savings was identified for items that essentially have no implementation cost - ultimately, paying for the cost of the project itself.


  • Over $200,000 per year savings
  • Almost $100,000 of annual savings would have a simple payback of less than 2 months (after incentives).
  • Savings of $14,000 per year for items with essentially no implementation cost.
  • 12% reduction in site energy usage.