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AERO - Playtex Energizer


Services: Assessing Energy Reduction Opportunities
Clients Served: Industrial

Playtex, as part of Energizer, has an internal standard to develop an energy management and reduction plan. Playtex hired Loureiro to assist with developing this plan at five of their sites.

Loureiro performed an Assessment of Energy Reduction Opportunities (AERO) for a Playtex site in the Midwest US. Evaluating energy use systems, including lighting, HVAC, compressed air and motors, resulted in significant immediate savings, and a very strong plan for future savings with simple payback of less than two years.

As a result of the project, over $100,000 in annual savings were identified requiring only a one time investment of $30,000. These savings represented a 17% total reduction in utility expenditures. In addition, Loureiro provided training at the site concerning how to save energy with their specific energy use systems. Loureiro also provided detailed energy metrics that the site can use to track actual energy savings from the implementation of energy reduction opportunities.


  • Identified $100,000/yr savings for a one-time spend of $30,000
  • Savings represented 17% total utility reduction
  • Immediate savings of over $50,000/yr with almost no cost
  • Potential compressed air savings of 80%