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Personal Products Company


Services: Energy Management Services
Clients Served: Industrial

A large company with numerous large manufacturing sites throughout the world was looking for outside assistance to help lead their team toward further energy reduction, and to achieving new corporate goals.

Loureiro was hired to act as an off-site/ad-hoc corporate energy manager, so that greater momentum and progress could be achieved within a shorter time frame. Loureiro’s senior energy expert has been coordinating periodic team conference calls, acting as facilitator, and scribe. Our up-front efforts included organizational systems with specific surveys designed to help the team members quickly focus in on the most important issues. Loureiro has also provided information and training on energy metrics, and energy use systems in order to further assist the team and its discussions. This process is allowing this company’s sites to share implemented best practices in a much more efficient manner, while facilitating new idea exchange as well.


  • Work as Corporate Energy Manager
  • Training of sites on energy use systems (e.g., compressed air, lighting, etc), and world-wide best practices
  • Facilitating, leading, and adding to site discussions
  • Best practices discussed and copied between sites more efficiently