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Real Estate Management Company


Services: Energy Training
Clients Served: Real Estate Development

Loureiro’s client was a large commercial and residential real estate development company. Among its holdings, this company maintains an office building complex that has achieved energy star status, with some very high ratings. Even so, they have an aggressive internal goal to further reduce energy use.

The client sent personnel to attend a Loureiro energy training session Understanding Energy Use and Energy Reduction Opportunities. They were very impressed and wanted this training customized to their specific commercial setting, and delivered to their site’s maintenance staff.

Their staff was pleased with this on-site training, as you can tell by the provided quote.
Loureiro is now discussing with them how best to incorporate tenant involvement to further their energy reduction efforts.


  • Direct Quote - “Thank you for the training with our staff. The team raved about the class, and has already begun thinking of new opportunities for the buildings and their homes
  • Site is now discussing how to incorporate behavioral energy change program into its overall energy reduction efforts.