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United Technologies Company and Pratt & Whitney


Services: Energy Training
Clients Served: Industrial

LEA provided training to Pratt & Whitney Energy and Greenhouse Gas team members, covering Energy Reduction using Kaizen, 5S, & Behavioral Energy Change.

Among other things, this training provided attendees with energy reduction tools to apply during their energy Kaizen events. This training program was made site specific due to having performed various energy audits for their site


  • “The training class fits perfectly within UTC’s ACE culture. I’m confident the use of these tools will help us build a one-company sustainable program”
    Sean West, EH&S Project Manager for UTC Corporation
  • “Loureiro did and excellent job with the training session. The sharing of the Behavioral Energy Change process and Activator-Behavior-Consequence model was right to the point. It would be beneficial to expand this type of training to all business unit and production managers.”
    Bill Tarantino, P&W Senior Analysis and MTS Project Coordinator