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Kaizen Energy Treasure Hunt Brings Cost Savings to Large Manufacturer


Services: Kaizen Energy Treasure Hunts
Clients Served: Manufacturing

Working directly with the local utilities, Loureiro recently organized, facilitated, and supported a very successful Kaizen Energy Treasure Hunt for a large Connecticut manufacturer.

This event lasted from Sunday night to Wednesday, with 15 site participants. Sunday was a “sleeping plant” visit, while Monday through Wednesday were for identifying and quantifying all energy reduction opportunities. The results were organized all into a cohesive report-out by Wednesday afternoon.

The Results

This very large site’s teams identified over 10% utility reduction, with less than 0.5 year simple payback. And the immediate no-cost savings was more than triple the event’s costs (internal and external all combined).


  • Pre-event visit to perform initial opportunity assessment, and to better direct team training
  • Training to all teams on the overall Kaizen Energy Treasure hunt process, as well as for their individual team specifics (motors, HVAC, compressed air, lighting), and their specific opportunities noted from the pre-event visit.
  • Full organization of the event working with the site management, as well as with the local natural gas and electric utilities
  • Facilitation of all event days – keeping the teams on target, and on track
  • Providing additional savings opportunities – ones beyond site team identification
  • Providing quantification tools and a summarization system
  • Combining all ideas and opportunities into the final report-out
  • Communication with the utilities post-event