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Cumberland Farms Retail Facility

Farmington, Connecticut

Services: Site Engineering
Clients Served: Real Estate Development

Cumberland Farms identified a specific need for an updated fuel and retail sales facility at this location based upon the traffic counts, posted speeds and commuter nature of the Bristol/ Farmington Route 6 corridor. The site is located within an aquifer protection overlay zone, thereby imposing strict regulations pertaining to the design of the facility and commanding a high level of scrutiny in the special permit application process based upon the storage and dispensing of fuel and the discharge of stormwater.

The site constraints were considerable due to the limited lot size and the presence of wetlands within the back portion of the parcel. Minimal area was available for stormwater treatment; however, through the clever use of both structural and natural site features, an amenable enhanced stormwater treatment system was designed for this site.

Loureiro provided design and permitting services, construction assistance, construction staking and as-built surveying services, which all contributed toward this project being completed under the initial project cost estimate.


  • Design and permitting services
  • Innovative stormwater management approach
  • Sanitary sewer extension
  • 3,200 sq. ft. retail food store, 8 fuel dispensers, 2,572 sq. ft. canopy
  • One 15,000 gallon and one 18,000 gallon compartmental underground storage tanks
  • Construction staking and as-built survey services