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Design of Fuel Unloading Facility

Middletown, Connecticut

Services: Aboveground and Underground Storage Tanks
Clients Served: Industrial

Our client had demolished an existing central fuel storage tank farm and needed to supplement its existing No. 6 fuel oil storage capacity local to the power house in order to provide a minimum 30 day supply.

Loureiro’s engineers provided a design that included a new 30,000 gallon aboveground storage tank manifolded to the existing 30,000 gallon storage tank. The existing covered secondary containment was modified to be able to support the new tank. A remote covered truck fuel oil unloading station was provided for filling tanks. New full length catwalks with access ladders were provided for servicing tank connections. The existing distribution piping to the power house was also modified to support the new unloading station.


  • New 30,000 gal fuel oil tank
  • Full tank containment
  • New service catwalks
  • New fuel oil distribution piping
  • New heat tracing system
  • New tank level controls