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SONO Field House Feasibility Study

Norwalk, Connecticut

Services: Feasibility Study
Clients Served: Real Estate Development

After receiving a prohibitive cost estimate for remediation of the site, Loureiro was retained by the property owner to provide an expert opinion on the most cost-effective approach to remediation of the property. The soil and groundwater at the site was heavily impacted by releases of chlorinated solvents and oils and to a lesser extent by polychlorinated biphenyls and heavy metals. The site was the subject of a Consent Order and a nearly 20 year battle with regulatory officials. Loureiro was provided with consultant work products documenting nearly three decades of investigation and remediation activities previously. We quickly assimilated the data, identified gaps, and performed those activities necessary to address the gaps.

We developed a remediation plan that integrated with the overall redevelopment concept for the site. The remediation would involve a small excavation to remove petroleum impacted soils, installation of an engineered control consisting of a flexible membrane liner under landscape and paved parking areas, the installation of an engineered control consisting of a sub-slab depressurization system and liner beneath the new building, and the installation of a soil vapor extraction system to treat the most impacted soils under the new building. The plan was presented to the State of Connecticut and the installation of the engineered control was approved.

The flexibility of the plan was demonstrated best when the redevelopment approach changed from a bulk fuel terminal to an indoor sports complex. In less than 24 hours, we modified the plan and presented it to the developers. The site was ultimately redeveloped as a 55,000 square foot indoor sports complex. The cost for implementing the Loureiro plan was approximately $1.5M in comparison to the $4.5M approach presented by the prior consultant.


  • Assessment of prior consultant work
  • Rapid feasibility assessment
  • Development of credible cost estimates
  • Remedy integrated with numerous potential uses
  • Integration of remediation and redevelopment
  • Resolved 20 year conflict with regulatory officials