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Asbestos Management for Childcare Centers

Various Locations in Rhode Island

Services: Hazardous Building Materials, Asbestos Management
Clients Served: Education, Childcare

In November of 2013, the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) made changes to child care and preschool provider licensing requirements to ensure a healthier environment within these facilities. Now, when providers receive license renewal applications, they are required to document that their facility is either asbestos free or asbestos safe.

Working together, the DCYF and the Department of Health have developed a standard for state-licensed asbestos inspectors to certify buildings as asbestos safe. The new standard requires an inspection of all provider facilities, and sampling of certain building materials. 

Loureiro offers the first inspection protocol approved by Department of Health to satisfy the new DCYF licensing requirement. We perform onsite visual inspections of all child-accessible areas of buildings, documenting the type and condition of all materials that the state and EPA consider "suspect" for asbestos. We then carefully sample any materials required under the new regulations and analyze them for asbestos. Based on the results, Loureiro will either provide both a report and a letter to be attached to a license renewal application that certifies a facility as asbestos safe, or recommended necessary action for achieving asbestos safe status. These requirements may include staff education or removal of asbestos materials. No matter what is required, our experienced asbestos professionals can guide you in achieving asbestos safe status and maintaining a safe and healthy facility for staff, children, and parents.

To date Loureiro has assisted numerous daycare providers with meeting the DCYF requirement, working with both large provider networks as well as small independent facilities.


  • Effective service with discounts for multiple facilities
  • Quick response time for inspection services and submittal of reports
  • Personalized guidance for maintaining building materials and maintaining a healthy environment for children