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Pitney Bowes Redevelopment

Stamford, Connecticut

Services: Hazardous Building Materials
Clients Served: Real Estate Development

Loureiro was retained to provide Hazardous Building Materials assessment services associated with the demolition of approximately 900,000 square feet of buildings on the site of the former Pitney Bowes complex located in Stamford, Connecticut. The HBM survey activities included an assessment of building materials for the presence of lead-based paint, asbestos-containing materials, polychlorinated biphenyls, diethylhexyl phthalate, and mercury -- present in building surfaces, materials and utilities – to determine appropriate management and disposal at the time of demolition. In addition, this project involved a significant assessment of building surfaces for the presence of polychlorinated biphenyls. The building floor and wall materials were determined to be impacted with PCBs. Floor scabbling (grinding), shot blasting and complete removal and disposal of floors and walls within certain areas was necessary.

Following the completion of the HBM survey, Loureiro also provided full engineering services necessary to develop and assist in the management of the building demolition. The services included preparation of utility disconnect drawings, preparation of demolition and remediation plans and specifications including structural assessments and specific requirements for selective demolition and retention of certain facilities, provided oversight of all waste segregation and shipping/disposal arrangements implemented by the demolition contractor, and conducted reviews of payment requisition, shop drawings, and contractor work plans.


  • Building material analytical characterization and quantification
  • Preparation of PCB removal/remediation RAWP
  • Negotiation of RAWP with EPA
  • Combined HBM and demolition specifications
  • Confirmatory oversight and sampling
  • Preparation of completion of work reports