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Animal Cage and Surgical Vacuum Line Decontamination


Services: Facility Services
Client Served:Pharmaceutical

The Facility Services division of Loureiro was contracted by a Connecticut based pharmaceutical manufacturer to assist with the decontamination and removal of vacuum lines associated with their animal cage vacuum system and a surgical room vacuum system. Each system required cleaning prior to removal. The IS division devised an innovative method to clear caked on residue by using a vacuum truck, 3/8” gravel and a drum header to suck stone through the pipe and capture it in a drum for reuse continuously through the vac lines. Once the interior of the vacuum pipes were at white metal condition, the IS technicians used our pipe jet system and to thoroughly wash and disinfect the lines prior to removal. Waste water was captured in drums using the vac truck and drum header. The decontaminated vacuum lines were removed and discarded as scrap.


  • IS vacuum truck operation to suck 3/8” stone and waste water into drums
  • Drum header for stone and waste water containerization
  • IS technicians removed the decontaminated vacuum lines
  • Innovative cleaning method of vacuum lines
  • IS pipe jet wash system to clean 2-inch and 3-inch vacuum lines