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Dry Weather Pump Station Discharge Pipe Cleaning 


Services: Facility Services 
Clients Served: Industrial

The Facility Services division of Loureiro was contracted by a Connecticut based aircraft engine manufacturer to operate and maintain four dry weather pump stations at one of their Connecticutcampuses. The Dry Weather Pump Stations collect infiltrating groundwater and other facility water that may contain trace contaminants and requires treatment prior to discharge to surface water. The collected water is pumped to the industrial waste water treatment plant through 3-inch and 4-inch force mains. Iron bacteria build up was causing discharge volumes to decrease, prompting the need to clean the affected force mains. The IS division developed a process to by pass normal station discharge, load the force main with an acid solution to breakdown the iron bacteria structure, and collect the acid/iron bacteria waste water while maintaining the normal operation of the system. Once complete, discharge flows increased by 50% of the constricted flows reducing head loss and loading on the main pumps.


  • Innovative process using acid solution to clear iron fouling from force mains
  • IS technicians safely loading and collecting acid solution for disposal
  • Mechanical force main modifications allowing cleaning process while maintaining normal operation
  • Increase discharge flow by 50%