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Evaporator Coil Chemical Cleaning Process
Industrial Waste Water Treatment Facilities


Services: Facility Services
Clients Served: Industrial

Many of our clients operate and maintain on-site waste water treatment facilities. A subset of these facilities operates evaporators to eliminate the need to discharge process specific waste waters. Loureiro’s Industrial Solutions division responded to a local Aerospace Parts Manufacturing client that had a problem with the accumulation of precipitate on the exterior surface of their evaporator coils. Theses 900 gallon per hour evaporators eliminated the discharge of a particular waste stream through their site waste water treatment facility.

The team collected samples of the precipitate material, bench tested the chemical reactions that would dissolve the material and developed the process for treating the 1,200 pound coil without harming the integrity of the coil components. For this particular client, LEA used an inhibited sulfamic acid solution to dissolve accumulated salts and residue. The reaction created carbon dioxide bubbles similar to Alka-Seltzer causing the visible foam on the surface of the tank. Gases created in the treatment process can be collected and vented from the system as necessary to prevent a hazardous atmosphere.

Treatment times vary for the removal of the accumulated materials. Treatment times range between 48 hours to a week. The process operates automatically allowing technicians or plant operators to attend to normal duties while checking on the system periodically throughout the day.


  • Coil cleaning system is large enough to handle most evaporator coils and can be adapted to fit any bolt pattern.
  • Stainless steel construction is strong and chemical resistant.
  • System is portable and reusable.
  • System uses chemical reaction ensuring that hard-to-reach areas are cleaned.
  • System operates automatically reducing operator labor costs.