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Brownfields Redevelopment

Brockton, Massachusetts

Services: Investigation, Risk Characterization, Remediation, LSP Services, Emergency Response, Remedial Design
Client Served: Real Estate Development

Loureiro provided environmental consulting support to a real estate developer completing a Brownfields Redevelopment project in Brockton, Massachusetts. The project involved significant interior demolition, removal of contaminated building materials, remedial design to address soil and soil vapor contamination all to be completed coincident with redevelopment and construction activities.

The project called for soil excavation and removal as well as the strategic relocation of mildly contaminated soil during construction. The project also called for the design, installation and testing of a sub-slab depressurization system (SSDS) throughout the building. The project was complicated by an emergency response action in the center of the building and during construction. This emergency response involved the excavation of over fifty cubic yards of PCB and glycol contaminated soil which was discovered during construction work.

Loureiro performed and oversaw all fieldwork and obtained approvals and permits from local, state and federal regulatory agencies. All activities were completed in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection regulations and policies.


  • Complex regulatory environment involving multiple overlapping jurisdictions
  • Over fifty cubic yards of PCB-contaminated soil excavated for off-site disposal
  • Several hundred tons of mildly contaminated soil re-used on site
  • Complex contractual obligations with multiple state and federal funding sources
  • Over one hundred different contaminants