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Phased Site Characterization Clinton Connecticut

Clinton, Connecticut

Services: Investigation
Clients Served: Industrial

Loureiro was retained to perform a phased site characterization investigation of this former wire drawing and zinc plating facility. The facility is located on a tidally influenced water body and is surrounded by high function and high value tidal wetlands. The facility is also located in an area that is not serviced by public sewer. As a result, all industrial and domestic wastewaters were managed in either a subsurface sewage disposal system or in one of five onsite lagoons. Residues from the treatment of wastewater from the zinc plating operations were also managed in onsite landfills. Constituents of concern included metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, and volatile organic compounds.

The work was initiated in accordance with the voluntary provision in Public Act 95-190. Loureiro prepared and submitted both an Environmental Condition Assessment Form and Work Plan to the DEEP for review and approval. The DEEP determined that the investigation and remediation of the site could be verified by Loureiro. The investigations have entailed the installation of over 80 groundwater monitoring wells to supplement an existing network of wells, the installation of stream gages/piezometers, the installation of approximately 150 soil borings, the performance of soil vapor and geophysical surveys, the development of a surface water/groundwater interaction model, and the performance of a screening-level ecological risk assessment.

Results of the investigations were adequate to define the nature and three-dimensional extent of impacts in soil and groundwater and to define the limits of wastewater treatment residues present in former onsite lagoons. Loureiro developed site specific alternative criterion for groundwater, a plan for the closure of all onsite lagoons and landfills, and a plan for the remediation of groundwater at the site.


  • Provided expert and fact witness support for cost recovery lawsuit
  • Development of Site Characterization Work Plan, Quality Assurance Project Plan, and Field Sampling ad Analysis Plan
  • Development of DEEP approved alternative Surface Water Protection Criteria for various inorganic constituents
  • Development of a three-dimensional mathematical model for contaminant fate and transport
  • Chemical analysis of over 1,300 soil, groundwater, and sediment samples
  • Characterization of sediment within a tidal wetland environment