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Phased Site Characterization Shelton Connecticut

Shelton, Connecticut

Services: Investigation
Clients Served: Industrial

Loureiro was retained to perform a phased site characterization investigation of this former rivet manufacturing facility. Loureiro performed a comprehensive Phase I assessment and determined that subsurface investigations of several areas of the site were warranted. These areas included former surface disposal locations, a plating line, a capped lagoon, and numerous underground storage tank locations. Constituents of concern included volatile organic compounds, petroleum hydrocarbons, and metals.

The subsurface investigations were conducted utilizing dynamic assessment techniques where soil samples were screened for the presence of volatile organic compounds in the Loureiro State Certified Laboratory and the real time data were utilized to direct selected phases of work. The investigation also included the use of traditional subsurface investigation techniques involving the installation of fixed groundwater monitoring wells to provide an understanding of hydrogeologic conditions at the site and to assess the quality of groundwater beneath the site. In addition to the assessment of soil and groundwater quality, this investigation also addressed the assessment of sediment within a fresh tidal wetland located on the site.

It was determined that several areas contained constituents at concentrations that exceeded the applicable regulatory criteria and Loureiro developed a remedial action approach that integrated with the planned continued use as a manufacturing facility. The remedial action approach involved soil removal and offsite disposal, land use restrictions, and engineered controls to physically isolate polluted soils at the site.


  • Development and phased characterization work plans including field sampling and analysis and quality assurance plans
  • Installation of approximately 250 soil borings and 15 groundwater monitoring wells
  • Chemical analysis of over 700 soil, groundwater, and sediment samples
  • Characterization of sediment within a fresh tidal wetland environment
  • Assessment of multiple releases mechanisms and impacts associated with reworking of soils and sediments within a flood plain
  • Assessment of the nature and extent of NAPL impacts
  • Development of a Request for Variance – Engineered Control for Polluted Soils and alternative surface water protection criterion for various constituents