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Response Actions to Address Release of Phthalates

Hanover, Massachusetts

Services: Investigation, Risk Characterization, LSP Services, MCP Compliance
Client Served: Industry

When a client completed an assessment in preparation for building construction they discovered a release of phthalates associated with a years-old distillation process. The client contacted Loureiro when a previous consultant recommended costly and disruptive remediation of soil and groundwater.

Loureiro completed additional assessment including soil and groundwater sampling as well as industrial process evaluation. Loureiro also completed fate and transport modeling, risk characterization and evaluation of remedial alternatives to demonstrate that the low levels of contamination were decreasing due to natural biodegradation processes and that the risk to public health, safety, welfare and the environment was not significant. Based on this evaluation, Loureiro concluded that no remediation of soil or groundwater was necessary thereby significantly limiting disruption to site activities. All work was completed in accordance with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (310 CMR 40.0000).


  • Timely assessment and investigation tailored to site-specific and client-specific concerns.
  • Contaminant Fate and Transport Modeling.
  • “Method 3” risk characterization consistent with the MCP.
  • Licensed Site Professional (LSP) Services